What is Reiki?

what is reiki symbolWhat Is Reiki?

Many people have heard of reiki but often ask me what is reiki?

The easy answer is that reiki is a pure energy that transferred through the healer not by the healer into the other client.

The reiki practitioner themselves are just a conduit for the reiki energy. They do not not carry the reiki they simply channel it.

Where does Reiki come from?

A question on many people’s minds is where does reiki come from. Is it good or evil? People with strong religious views may often fear reiki. However reiki comes from the universal source. Call it God, call it a divine source, it does not matter. It is pure cleansing energy from the universe. Knowing where it comes from is not as important as believing that it works.  Just rest assured that it is a pure energy that can not do any harm.

Is reiki dangerous?

No receiving reiki is not dangerous as reiki is a pure cleansing source of healing so it can never harm you at all.  It can only benefit you.

Where can I get Reiki?

Reiki can be given to you by a practitioner of Reiki. You can look online to find a reiki practitioner. Rates will vary per hour of healing but can range in price from €40 to €80.  It is always advisable to check the prices of a number of practitioners to see what the price ranges are.  Remember just because one person provides reiki cheaper does not mean they are less good.  Perhaps they have lower overheads than the person.  Really the key to finding a great reiki practitioner is to meet them and get a feeling for them. Once you find a reiki practitioner you feel comfortable with you will find the reiki sessions you attend

To answer the question what is reiki – my best answer is that reiki is a feeling, a power, a healing source of energy that is safe and powerful that can heal both your body and your mind

Here is another definition of what is reiki


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