What happens in a Reiki session?

Many people are curious and a little nervous when they first decide to have a reiki session.  Each session is 1 hour in lenght but actual reiki treament takes around 45minutes, allowing you enough time to get ready and orientate yourself after the session.

This is what to expect when you come to a reiki session with me:

What should I wear? – best to wear comfortable clothes, I will ask you to take your shoes off as this is part of the grounding process.

Levels – I like to know how you are feeling prior to our session. I will also ask you the same question after the session. 

Atmosphere  – your reiki session is your time to relax and forget about the worries of day to day life.  In order to achieve this  I will have music playing, and incense burning (please let me know if you would prefer no incense.)

The reiki itself – You will be lying on a reiki table which allows me to move around and send energy to all the different chakras and energy points. Most of the session will be hands off, apart from one section  where I will ground you and hold your feet. 

What will I feel? – Many people feel calmness flowing over them, others feel heat, other people fall asleep!  I have always found it is best not to over think it, and just relax and not think.

What happens after the session? – after the we session we will have a quick chat about anything that came up, how you are feeling etc.

You may feel tired after the session and relaxed – this is perfectly normal. I recommend you drink water after the session to re-hydrate yourself.